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Meow and Quack was founded by my friend Cathy and myself, way back in 2009. We both needed a creative outlet for the design geniuses we suppressed within – photography and music for Cathy and design and manufacturing for me. Back in high school, our nicknames were Cat and Duckie. Since the business revolved around communication, it's only fitting that we named it after our animal sounds. Cats go “Meow” and ducks go “Quack”. Hence, the company became known as Meow and Quack.

(Personally, I don't know what I was thinking. I often get asked, "So who's the quack?" Lol.)

We never imagined this level of success. We've done hundreds of diverse projects over the span of 10 years and counting. We attribute it to our amazing team of dedicated professionals. We also thank our clients who put their trust in us. We never forget that.

For years, we flew "under the radar". We never had a website. We never advertised or promoted ourselves. Referrals were all amazing. We grew so fast. It came to a point where we needed to take a step back. We were so involved in our client's operations that their deadlines became our deadlines. Their goals were our goals. Yes, that's as it should be because we care. However, we needed to focus our attention and efforts so that each client received the proper support they deserve. We still believe this today and so we accept a limited number of projects per year.

Some marketing companies would be selling their team and skills in this section. Not us. We have the perfect client in mind. We are direct and up front in our communication. We make sure our clients know what's going on even when we make mistakes. Yes, we make mistakes and do take accountability for it. We need support too, especially when pushing out initiatives. Success happens when everyone is of one mind. How we operate is not for everyone but we believe strong relationships are built on a mutual respect, honesty, trust, and clear communication.

So, if this is the kind of relationship you want from a marketing company, we're just a phone call or "double double" coffee meeting away. We may just surprise you. Rather than hiring an expensive internal marketing team, our clients just bundle our services. It's often a simple and affordable option for marketing support.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Meow and Quack (MAQ).

Until next we meet, have an awesome day,

Rebecca Ung, Director

What Clients Say

"Rebecca [Meow and Quack], I would ENDORSE YOU to the MOON and BACK. Your energy, vision, and sheer determination to be the BEST inspires me. With the proper backing and support, you’d be the TOP in whatever project you’re running. Scale – you think GLOBALLY which is good. Wish I had TONS of money. You could make me a star and beyond my wildest dreams."

Terri Stephens, CIR Realty®, www.terristephens.ca

“Thanks Rebecca for ramping up to make sure this [our project] was delivered on time. We had an internal review of the supplied software and were pleasantly surprised on the completeness and clarity of the design and resulting product.”

Client Anonymity Requested

"Rebecca [Meow and Quack] assisted Bonanza Goldfields in a total transformation of our web presence. The positive response our company received from our target market was a true testament to the creative, professional, and responsive team at Meow and Quack. I could not even think of moving my business elsewhere.”

Steven Ragan, VP Corp. Comms., Bonanza Goldfields Corp.

"Rebecca was our [MAQ] marketing coordinator/consultant from April, 2012 to April, 2016 for Lundgren & Young Insurance, whose production department was overseen by me. I implemented a franchise model that helped double the company’s 30-year production in approximately 5 years and Rebecca was an integral part of the company’s success. Rebecca is personable, a great communicator and relationship builder who has outstanding creativity and vision when it comes to marketing. She did amazing work with creating and implementing cost effective marketing strategies that helped us improve branding and increase production. She is also very knowledgeable on web design, graphic design and how to effectively integrate social media into marketing & sales strategies. She is also knowledgeable on marketing compliance with respect to regulatory requirements – she had successfully helped us resolve a number of major compliance issues with our industry regulatory body (the Alberta Insurance Council). Her great personality and effective communication skills helped us build strong relationships with our franchisees and the business community, especially with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. She also has vast connections with numerous marketing vendors, manufacturers/suppliers and freelancers worldwide which helped us reduce our marketing costs substantially. Above all, what I love most about Rebecca is her unparalleled dedication and her big heart – she always went above and beyond what was expected of her to bring us surprising results! I highly recommend Rebecca for any type of marketing or communication position."

Phong Le, Production Manager, Costen Insurance

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