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Brand Development

Bring back the fun! That’s our motto. We go back to the basics of understanding and defining your goals - helping you achieve that level of brand recognition with your market. Throughout the process, we aim for that smile on your face where you look at your design, and say, “Yes! That’s the one! That’s me!” We understand the pride that a strong identifiable brand attracts and the positive momentum it creates. So let’s get started!

Most of our projects begin with a logo design. It is at this stage where we understand you and the messages you want to convey. Always original, we begin with pencil sketches. We then move to the inking stage. Finalization includes the delivery of the logo in all major formats AI (vector), EPS, PSD, and JPEG. We don't just end here. We make sure you're completely ready to hit the market running. Whether its a rebrand or new brand, we help you prepare all your marketing materials. Our brand development package preps your start-up for business. You can spend hours trying to find the right designer, the right printer, the right time, or you can just get it done and go. If you need help registering your business, we work with Southland Registrations Ltd. to get that done for you too.

Brand Management

Over the past several years, we have seen our clients explode in sales growth. Not only is it exciting to watch, but it's even more inspiring to support the business development team. When starting a franchise or budding off into satellite offices, there's many details to consider. There's industry and marketing compliance. There's the need to template your brand so that when the client steps into the office, they know exactly who is providing what service.

Brand management is very important. Not everyone understands why we're so stringent. We've templated branch designs, developed marketing guidelines/press kits, and even resolved compliance issues. Providing brand management and marketing support across Alberta was a big chunk of our work. If you're looking for a brand manager, we suggest you look into our marketing and communications consulting packages. You get it all - a marketing consultant, marketing material manager, brand manager, digital and social media manager, and designer, all rolled into one. And, we have connections to a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers. We can find or make what you need at affordable prices. It's your choice where you want to purchase/manufacture products.

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