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What should I post? How do I get new followers? Who am I reaching out to? These are all questions that can make a quack out of you! Social media is a fundamental branch of marketing and growing a business. Keeping up with technology can be quite the challenge. Is there someone there to manage responses?

Under the watchful MAQ eye, we typically respond to

  • Facebook comments within a business day and even after hours.
  • Twitter comments within half a day and even after hours.
  • Google Reviews within the week.

There are times that this process may take longer because we must understand the issue and confirm that our answers are both compliant with governing bodies and your business. Other times, we must redirect requests through your proper channels. Lastly, we do sleep and we work according to Mountain Time.

Our digital media marketing services require your help to be successful. We need input from you. We cannot work as a separate entity. Why? If we are disconnected from your business, we will not know when to push events or promotions. We need to understand your goals. Ideally, we would love weekly meetings with your marketer.

If we are creating content on your behalf, we do require an approval process. For example, we create content for insurance brokers. We are not brokers ourselves and therefore cannot legally give out any insurance advice. We would need to discuss the content with one of your brokers who can then sign-off for accuracy and compliance. We understand the importance of compliance.

What would digital marketing be without a website or e-commerce site? Sometimes clients prefer content management systems such as Wordpress® or Joomla®. We actually don't work with content management systems. We prefer html/css websites and can provide a dedicated person to update your website as needed. Is this the option that works for you?

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