Marketing Material Management

Marketing Material Management

We've seen the biggest growth in this service. We work for companies that have several branch or associate offices. Although we haven't worked for a restaurant franchise yet, we have designed for it. What's challenging is how you manage and distribute promotional products so that items are always in stock, accounted for, and consistent. We have two simple solutions - on-demand and subscription packages.

On-Demand Model

On-demand works as it sounds. We pre-order all your pre-approved marketing materials for the year, store it, and report inventory monthly. When stock is low, we just re-order on your behalf. Our two-step process ensures only approved individuals like branch managers or marketing coordinators are allowed to order items. You are provided with a secured login for your corporate page. There, we have all your corporate items listed with an online order form. Once an order is submitted, we follow up with an email addressed to your internal "approver" stating the items ordered, shipping address, total cost and the name of the person who ordered. You approve it and we ship it.

Since we order in large volumes, you receive great discounts. By having an external company manage your inventory and shipping, you don't have to worry about your stock, who took how many for what, why doesn't it look the same, and was it even approved? We can charge head office or the branch based on your marketing support model. Some companies share half the costs with their branches.

On-demand works great for new additions to your team as well. We have boxed employee packages that include business cards, corporate clothing, water bottle(s), ID badges, desk/cubicle name plates, and more. You decide what to put in it. We just package it beautifully and ship it anywhere across Canada to make your new employee feel welcomed.

Subscription Box Model

The subscription package allows two box options - small or large. Each branch can subscribe to a box option that best suits their needs. For example, branch A has the largest number of sales agents. Branch A may need a large box of goodies shipped to them each month. Branch B is just starting up. They only want a small monthly subscription box. Each box will have a fixed price. You can set the price for us. Let's say the small box is $100/box. The large box is $500/box. So it's very easy for head office and each branch to budget their promo items for the year.

Since we know how much to order ahead of time, we can get you large volume discounts, store nothing, and provide diversity of promo items in each boxed set. If you have marketing staples (like sticky notes and pens), we can include those too in every box order. With some items, we might be able to provide individual customization. Branch feedback allows us to cater to their product preferences. With our reporting, head office learns what items works best for everyone and how much is spent on marketing as a whole. This is such a simple task and yet it's be a big time waster for your marketers. They need to search, order, inspect, distribute, and budget when they should be helping your business development team bring in more sales.

How We Get Our Promo Items

You may wonder where we order our items. We take into account your preference for quality, price, and place of manufacturing. For example, our brokerage clients want excellent prices on their pink cardholders. Standard prices are approximately $0.30/pc on an order of 10,000 pcs. We know that ordering abroad would subject our clients to fluctuations in the Loonie. Since it's a marketing staple, we need to make it a fixed cost.

We want to support local. Since we cannot find a local vinyl manufacturer, we must scour Ontario for one. A pricing agreement with the manufacturer locks in the price at ~$0.28/pc with logo printing. It doesn't matter whether we ordered 500 pcs. or 10,000 pieces. This allows us to customize small orders with branch specific information.

We save our clients money by ordering large volumes and where possible, direct from a manufacturer. It's not always easy. We order sample items at our own expense. If the quality does not meet our expectations, we will search for yet another manufaturer. Over time, we are able to build a large global network of suppliers. We do not import any items that would require CSA certification like electronics or needs to meet stringent Canadian standards like packaged food.

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